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Lazy K Nursery, Pine Mountain, GA:: Native Azaleas
Lazy K Nursery, Pine Mountain, GA

Callicarpa Americana - American BeautyberryLazy K Nursery has been growing fine plants since 1958 for our wholesale and mail order division. Our production consists of nursery propagated, container stock grown from cuttings or seed of selected plants.

Our goal is to replicate plants that are excellent examples of those that occur in nature. Our cutting grown plants are from specimens that represent typical or unusual forms of the species.

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Our retail Garden Center, Garden Delights is the most recent venture. We carry Planters, Bulbs, Plants, Gifts for Gardeners, Outdoor Furniture, Gardening Tools, Bird Feeders, Bird Food, and much more.

We maintain the largest stock of native deciduous Rhododendrons, commonly called Native Azaleas.

The native azalea species of the southeastern United States have been called, by many plant authorities, "the most beautiful of our indigenous flowering shrubs." They offer the possibility of an almost continuous sequence of bloom from late March until September. In addition, native azaleas display a broad range of unusual flower colors and grow in a variety of heights and sizes.

Rhododendron vaseyi "White find"
Many of them provide intense fragrances along with their bloom. An added bonus is their handsome sculptural forms that highlight the winter landscape. All are winter hardy to USDA Zone 6; several will withstand even colder temperatures.
It is most important to understand that due to their genetic composition, seed grown native azaleas are variable, within the parameters of the species, as to flower size and color, among other characteristics.

Rain Lily

We also grow an extensive variety of native plants, woody ornamentals and wildflowers. We strive to have only fine plants worthy of collecting and growing.

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